While in Saint Louis


Saint Louis Stats & Info 

308,626 live in Saint Louis, the 58th largest metro area in the nation.

37% are unaffiliated with any religious body.

47% are affiliated with an evangelical church.

Ethnic Diversity: 44.7% White, 49.4% African American, 5.9% Other Race.

Average per capita income is over $52,343 per year.

23.8% of Saint Louis, residents live below the poverty line. (14% higher than the National Average)

38.5% of Saint Louis, residents over the age of 25 have a bachelors degree or higher.

Delmar Divide Statistics

Neighborhood directly North of Delmar
Racial Make up: 98% Black
Median Home Value: $73,000
Median Income: $18,000
Percentage of Residents with a Bachelor’s Degree: 10%

Neighborhood directly South of Delmar
Racial Make up: 73% White
Median Home Value: $335,000
Median Income: $50,000
Percentage of Residents with a Bachelor’s Degree: 70%

Plan Your Meals


Sometimes, a kitchen can be hard to come by when looking for lodging, and often the mission schedule is so busy that it makes it hard for you to find time to cook. We have found that one of the best solutions has been to budget your trip around a cereal bar (continental-style breakfast), packing a sack lunch to eat on the go, and then giving cash to participants at night.

We typically budgeted $10 per person for the evening meals (Sunday-Thursday on a typical trip). Individuals who wanted to spend more supplemented with their own money. The following is a list of affordable places and activities that we have used on previous trips for evening meals. Information and menus are easily accessible online.


El burro loco

One of the best Mexican restraunts in Saint Louis. Great prices, amazing service, wonderful food. Call ahead to reserve seating for a large group.

Central West End, 313 North Euclid, Saint Louis, MO 63108
Website  |  314-224-5371

shake shack .jpg

shake shack

Shake Shack is a great place to grab a burger, fries and a shake. Located less than five minutes from Apostles, this is a great place to grab a quick dinner.

Website | 314-627-5518

See the Sights


It is important to remember in St. Louis that your group’s primary focus is serving the city. However, you should not at all feel guilty for taking some time each day to see a site or two. It may be the first time for many in your group to visit the city, and some of them may not have another opportunity to visit again. It also is an integral part of understanding how the city works and the people who live here. Seeing the Arch at night is a true highlight for most travelers who visit the city, and if you are able, a Cardinals Baseball Game is particularly fun. Tickets can be cheap, and the experience is well worth your time. You will not have time to see everything, but you can see the major sights.

Each photo links to the attraction's website


Planned a few of your team's meals
Designated time in your schedule to view sights
Decided on your mode of transportation while in DC


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